Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last week, my friend's father was shot. Luis, I am so sorry that happened to you. I was so shocked when they told me... I cried so hard cuz I know it's not fair. I hope they get what they deserve.
I can imagine how angry you might feel... Be strong. Take care of your mom and sister. Your dad is in a better place watching over you and your family.

Everyone's going through a hard time. Today, my dad told me he might have tuberculosis. My friend Roberta wants to move but she can't cuz she doesn't have a job hence she's broke.
My best friend is going through a really bad depression because of her grandfather. Her mother had a biopsy done because they found strange lumps in her ovaries. I hope it's not bad.
It's never ending.

People spend more time being sad or angry, I am an example v.v
but now I've come to my senses. Life is... good.. it's awesome. I know people have a good reasons to be angry and annoyed and it does gets tiering at some point. I let that get to me for a long time. I was pissed off for almost 2 years because my life was shitty and I was surrounded by assholes. It still is (cept with no assholes haha ) but I no longer care. I smile at the good things it brings me. Strong enough to withstand anything it throws at me. Brave enough to take chances. Wise enough to make the right decisions. I promised to myself that I wont give up on the things I want and want to do. I firmly believe that things happen for a reason.

When you're going through a rough time, embrace it and work with what you have. Things DO get better. It's taking long for most of us but I believe with all my heart that things will change for good.

Also, someone told me that I have to be selfish sometimes. That is true but I hate being selfish... because I used to be. I learned the hard way. Now, I can't be selfish anymore. It might be a bad thing at some point but it feels like it will make me cold hearted.

I'm scared but I can do it. I also wish that life would even up soon for him and I...

I won't give up.

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