Saturday, October 2, 2010


The day was meh and so was 'rehearsal'. The dude was looking at my chest the whole time :/
I was wearing a normal t shirt and a hoodie cuz it was raining/cold out SHOWING NOTHING. Ew what a pervert. I told him I'll call him back when I get more people buuuuuut I wont call <<
Anyway, you can barely see it but my fingers are red and they hurt >: I played well I guess and recorded something for someone |D

Oh and this guy named Andres emailed me. He might come on monday, I'm excited cuz I've heard about him and he's GOOD. His guitar is pretty awesome o: I think he's the only one with a Stratocaster around here. I tried writing songs last night, I had so many bottled up feelings... so much fear. I really wouldn't want to make songs out of these...
Eh.... I don't know... I think I'm kinda... off today.. out of place. I don't feel well, emotionally and physically. I think my anemia is back. I don't want to talk about the emotional part xD I'm just... uneasy...

*Cough* I'm hoping I'll have a band soon. Play in random gigs like old times. Yeaaaaah... Now that I think of it... THAT is the missing piece. Music. My old self was influenced a lot by music! It... made me forget about everything. I'd put all my rage or sadness on the chords and strings. No wonder I was happy and uber random all the time. I couldn't feel any anger or sadness cuz I let it out with my guitar haha that AND art. But art right now isn't very good. It sucks... I can't draw anything from the neck down *frustration*

I'm trying to fix that. I think it's the table I draw on. It's too high and I draw on tabloid size pages. So everything looks crooked cuz I have to either lean over or fold the page :/ It's hard to find a good place to draw here. My house lacks good drawing spots xD
My style changes because of that. I obviously draw better when I go to the mall with my friends because the lighting and the tables are much much better.
I'm off. I feel @ A@


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