Thursday, October 7, 2010

Korn - Thoughtless

I feel a lot of hate building up every time I hear this song :/ I cry.
Prly cuz I was going through a rough time when I first heard it. High school.... ugh

Soooo it's 1:45 am, I'm about to go to sleep.. after I finish a picture I'm working on.
Oh I need to shower too :x Yeah that happens XD Wash dishes and then go to bed. <:
I feel like I'm more productive at night. It's been happening for what... 5 yrs now?
Cept for the times I worked... ha, not I still went to bed late xD I'm getting rid of it slowly - 3-

also, I decided to go to Glowpinkstah's channel in yt. I FOUND THIN MINTS SHIRTS and one with a quote from one of my favorite videos from her XD
CHIT. I'M GETTING THAT SHIRT. FUCK THAT I'M USING MY DEBIT CARD with the little money I have.... lolthatissosad.


here you go. I find this funny. If you dont then stfu >:c my humor is.... weird. |3


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