Monday, October 11, 2010

More b.s.

I just got back from my aunt's house. I have to let it out.

I over heard their conversation...

I usually go up to her room and watch tv while we visit cuz all they talk about is politics and criticizing people. I went downstairs to the kitchen, thought no one would be there and my mom and grandmother were there... talking about me.
Apparently my whole family is so fuckng concerned about me not being like them. They say I'm obsessed with drawing, obsessed with video games obsessed with this obsessed with that. Everyone thinks I have a problem. They want to send me to a psychiatrist. I'm... not sick... I'm just me. Why do they have a problem with that? Family should understand... right?

Also my anemia got worse and I can't get treatment cuz I have no money.. we.. have no money... all I've had in 48 hrs is an apple and a bowl of cereal. I'm pale and have no strength to do anything, depression... I've been losing my concentration easily...
I've been fighting that depression though. I can't help it... it's part of it. Apparently my hb range is around 8.9.. which makes it moderate.
No one wants to commission me so getting money right now is impossible. I still don't get how shitty... but REALLY shitty artists who can't even draw an eye can get commissioned.
My dad is doing everything he can to send me money for treatment and food. Special icky diet. I hate liver xD
My doctor said I was gonna be cured but I stopped taking my meds and ate unhealthy things.
I have to take better care of myself.

Commissions will be open... just in case.

Meh, no one reads this crap... why bother anyway.

Also, this... I'm happy with it for some reason.


I went to the hospital this morning because of a really bad nose bleed. I did take a picture of that cuz the pillow was soaked. I only have 2 pillows now xD
It was warm and that woke me up lol
Soooo the doc says I need that treatment ASAP. He gave me something that helped with the paleness. So my lips are red now lol hb dropped by 2 btw

I called my aunt and asked her if I could borrow some money. She'll send me $500 c:
Soon though, before it gets WORSE. I'll get better. I'm not too depressed like I was on sunday. I still can't concentrate.


nuff of that I'm gone.

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