Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things seem to be looking up.
I'm going to the embassy in april... and I'm nervous lolol aaand positive.
I'm sure everything's gonna turn out okay.
So yeah... this is it.

My mother's gonna help me out a whole lot which is awesome. It's gonna be easier for me I hope.
I are excited > w<

Also, I had fun on monday and tuesday :D me and some friends got together for Armando's mom's bday. fffffuun~
Played uno and they made me chug mah whiskey >: which made me tipsy cuz that one was sooo ffffffssfskfj<3
Diana's like " you can't taek alcohol honey" me >_____> ookay..
Had Kahlua and what not... yeah i got drunk > n> lolololol

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sad morning

So today didn't start very well.
My mother got a call at 5:30 a.m it was one of her best friend's daughter with some bad news.
One of their dear friends had passed away. I used to call her my aunt cuz she was like a sister to my mother.
Her brother is very ill in the hospital and it seems like he's not gonna make it.
They found her dead around the time my mom was called. I guess she might have died of a heart attack.. all that pressure about her brother's situation and her mother... she was the one taking care of her 90 something ( I'm not sure how old she is I just know she's over 90) year old mother. Now she's alone :c and that's really heartbreaking cuz aunt Maureen was the only one she had.
They're gonna burry her today.

Mom didn't need that. She can't have too much emotional stress because of her health but I'm sure she'll be okay.
I never imagined something like this was going to happen.
I used to go to her place after work. Spent some time with her and talked and played with her dog.

Her mother is Eileen Robinson. She is an artist. She paints with watercolors and her pictures are beautiful. I wish I would have learned something from her.
Here's one of her pictures. It's just a thumbnail but it's awesome.
another and I was lucky to find two.

eh... anyway... I'm just like... in shock.

Hai c:

I'm a 21 year old artist not much to say. I'm from Honduras, currently studying graphic design... but I don't feel... satisfied with that. I want to be an illustrator, a game illustrator but graphic design is the closest thing to art here so I have no choice. I'm working on moving to the U.S. to study what I really want.
So yeah I'm aiming high haha
Actually... two reasons why I wanna move to California
Truly and madly in love with an amazing guy c: and even though we're not together... yet x/D he makes me really happy :3 so I can't wait to see him <3 He's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him to death.
I'm gonna start this blog thing again cuz my friend Weelow is awesome and sorta convinced me to make one xD
I'm gonna post art that some wont be able to see on dA and yeah xD thas it for now.
Buh bai