Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun night

I had fun yesterday. Got together with my friends and had a few? drinks? we finished three bottles of vodka |DDD I didn't want to get completely drunk. I enjoyed the time with them and laughed a lot. One of them was getting too mushy with me though ._ .; I moved to the other end of the table with Roque and Karina, all of them were drunk cept my friend mando. Katherine was WASTED. We had fun laughing at the random things she said xD I was a bit drunk... but I remember everything xD cept the things i said/did when I got home. I only remember saying hi to my mom brushed my teeth and that's it.. .I think i passed out.

It's sunday, I hate sundays.They're depressing, gloomy and boring. I'm drawing to keep my mind off shitty things. Though a friend pissed me off today. Seriously. Why does she do that?

i still have that bad feeling too...

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