Friday, April 2, 2010


I'm staying over Diana's till tomorrow. I don't wanna be home >. o
Nother gewd thing, I talked with Carlos last night <3 which was awesome as always :3
he always makes my day. duuur

Anyway hee~ We worked on her homework. This huge building thing she's designing fffff
Architecture's hard D: I couldn't handle so much stress... I think I'd be bald by now. XDD Plus I hate drafting fffffff I should scan some of the stuff I had to draw for drawing class. I hated that period cuz it was AAAALLL drafting. Then the 2nd one was pastels and still life <3 it was awesome and 3rd one was manga, pretty neat.
I'm hoping to post my art here so I can share it with everyone derpderp cuz dA is stupid.



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  1. Aww it's always nice to see someone in love <3
    I do hope things will go great with him this year <: GIVE HIM A BIG WET ONE FROM ME THEN