Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things seem to be looking up.
I'm going to the embassy in april... and I'm nervous lolol aaand positive.
I'm sure everything's gonna turn out okay.
So yeah... this is it.

My mother's gonna help me out a whole lot which is awesome. It's gonna be easier for me I hope.
I are excited > w<

Also, I had fun on monday and tuesday :D me and some friends got together for Armando's mom's bday. fffffuun~
Played uno and they made me chug mah whiskey >: which made me tipsy cuz that one was sooo ffffffssfskfj<3
Diana's like " you can't taek alcohol honey" me >_____> ookay..
Had Kahlua and what not... yeah i got drunk > n> lolololol


  1. fff I hope everything goes well at the embassy. And that's nice of your mum as well <:

    ....I wanted to see drunk ryo <u<

  2. Ohohoo~ Drunk Ryo isn't very fun to see D:

    And thanks Dan :D