Thursday, April 29, 2010


Why is it that when everything is going well... but so well, someone's gotta drop a bomb on you?
I already know my parents fucked my life over but mom decides to tell me today while we were waiting in that fucking huge ass line... 'i dont know what we'll do with you, your dad ruined your life, not mine' e e;
I don't know where her 'positive attitude is. I wish he wouldn't have left. Like, it would have been okay if he would have stayed here but no, he had to step all over his daughter's future because of some stupid whore.
Fuck all of that. I'll give it a go, what can I lose...? All of this will end soon. Things look really complicated but I have my hopes up.

So I'll stop ranting and time to share what I was really supposed to share XD
Another failed piece! That's because I'm trying to draw with no references. He was supposed to be a fire dancer because well... he's a pyro xD but I couldn't make up a dynamic pose... well I did but I couldn't get it on paper. I was watching one of David Guetta's videos and I saw some firedancers and I loved the idea. I thought Ken would be the perfect character for a piece like that. I did change his look a bit. He used to have a braid but I had troubles drawing it. So I'm practicing how to draw flowy braids. His wristbands had long spikes, removed those... hmmm... that's about it.Anatomy needs a lot of work, his legs.. ugh. Well I think his torso is okay but his legs are not normal? lol. I love his shoes though cB proud of those! haha. His pose DOES make him look like he's raving and Mack thought he was before I told him he's 'firedancing' XD yep fail. So at the end I decided to make him a raver. Coloring will be hard because I need the perfect lighting and skin tones fdsfsdfs so as you can see.... it's not working lol
I'm off to bed my head is about to 'splode and I need to pick up our passports tomorrow morning.

bai bai :3

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  1. I would tap that. And you should so finish this piece, it's nice D: