Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lunch Bullshit

So I went with mom to buy some pupusas and tacos and while we waited for our food I told her thaaat.... my grandmother had a dream about my dad, that he was here and wanted mom back or whatever. So I told her about it and I asked her why would he come? I think it's... a waste of time. I don't- WE don't need him. Not... here at least. If he comes back? It'll be worse. He'd be uncomfortable and the tension in the house will be... just.. ugh. MORE stressful. She said she's not a pessimist... Weeeell I was only trying to be realistic and I can't remember why I said to her that she didn't want me to be happy... and then I said that if I get married I'd be happy and wouldn't do the kind of shit she did. S

She.. just laughed. Like wtf, that really hurt. Then she started to mention shit like you don't clean, you don't do this you barely cook you're so lazy, shit I know already.
I'm sure it's not like that. I'm just so stubborn and UUGH I hate this place and I don't find it fair that I do everything. I'm trying to help my grandmother now cuz she can't walk but no one else helps around the house. I at LEAST fix my bed and most of my mess. She thinks I WONT be happy and that I'll end up like her or something. :/
Moms don't do that y' know?
That just rly upset me and I didn't cry when she was around... I waited for her to leave.
So I rant here. Lol

I'll be happy I know that.