Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Idols?

Everyone has one right?
I guess we all draw or dance or sing because there has been someone you look up to and you wanna be like them right?
All though I've been drawing since I was 4 and nobody in my family is into art or whatever. Yeah my family is pretty boring cuz no one does nothing special... cept for my auntie, she used to make clothes. I didn't like the dresses before BUT now that I see em they are awesome c: Too bad she can't anymore :C
Oh and my uncle... who was in the army and trained Iraqi police men.
God is awesome aaaand has given me strength and health and my talents~ So thank you `u`
They are more like.... INSPIRATION
I have three. Tom DeLonge nomnomnom cuz he's an awesome guitarist and fdfkjsfjslkjf yeah. I've loved Blink 182 ever since they started...well I found out about them when Dude Ranch came out but NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THEM BACK THEN. THEN I listened to their old songs from their first album Cheshire Cat.
LOVE~ and yeah I loved how Tom played and then in 9th grade we started to take guitar lessons and that's when I started. I think I was the only one that actually did music homework xD I loved it.
And THAT helped me through the worst time in my life which wasS when my father left.
Though..high school DID suck for me e _e *shivers*

Art... Rumiko Takahashi. Inuyasha wasn't the first anime I saw from her it was Ranma 1/2. So when I was in 5th grade I started to like copy her syle and what not cuz of all the anime I saw HERS was the one that I just LOVED. So if you were wondering who inspired me to draw anime? It was her.
Now I totally lost her style cuz I've been working on my own all these years. My first anime painting EVER, was one of Sesshoumaru. Hoooot~ Painted it in 6th grade. That same year I came up with several characters WHICH do have a story xD Ryosuke and Seiji and the rest ( lol jap names) Ryo has evolved so much! xD he used to wear like those feudal clothes now he's liek this punk dude with checkered wristbands and shit haha it's awesome but I've neglected the others ; 3; I'm sorry my babies! D':
Naw but Ryo? He's like... my persona so he has a lot of meaning...

I said Michelle Phan was my inspiration too but I realized she's a fake and greedy person.

So there you go! Sooo who or what is your inspiration?

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